An anti-marijuana group wants Michigan to legalize cannabis

Jun 4, 2018

CHICAGO — One of the groups formed to fight the legalization of marijuana for recreational use has now decided it’s for the measure — but only if the Michigan legislature takes it up and amends the proposal.

The Committee to Keep Pot out of Neighborhoods and Schools — a political action committee formed to fight a ballot proposal to legalize marijuana — is now urging the Legislature to take up the initiative, amend it and pass a full legalization of pot for adult recreational use. The committee hopes that if the Legislature acts, recreational use will be regulated as stringently as the medical marijuana industry.

 But if the Legislature declines to take it up and the measure goes on the Nov. 6 statewide ballot, the group will revert to opposing the legalization of marijuana again.

 “This committee was initially formed to defeat the recreational ballot proposal, but now we believe that the Legislature should amend and adopt the initiative before it’s too late,” said Mark Fisk, a spokesman for the committee. Marijuana legalization “will be a reality in Michigan.” Initiatives have been approved in 29 states and polling has been very strong. “Regardless of our feelings on the issue, the question now is how to regulate and control recreational marijuana.”

 Republicans in the state Senate are trying to figure out a way to take up the marijuana legalization, in part, to keep it off the November ballot because it’s expected to drive more voters to the polls. Higher turnout traditionally has helped Democrats, which could fuel a blue wave that could jeopardize the GOP’s majority in the state House, Senate, governor’s office and in Congress.

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